It is Company Policy to always employ adequate shore Based Personnel committed to a high standard of ship performance and health, quality, safety, security and environmental objectives.

In order to establish the effective implementation of the Aegean Shipping Management System the company is committed:

  • To employ personnel of adequate academic background and experience for the designated position.
  • Undertakes an obligation to society, in the form of commitment to local, national and international regulations, attention to health, safety and environmental issues and adoption of a risk management policy.
  • Provides equal opportunities for employment and career development irrespectively of gender, nationality and religion.
  • Provides equal remuneration for work of equal value without discrimination based upon race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin.
  • Analyses occupational health and safety risks involved in its activities and implements a Shipboard Occupational Health and Safety Program (SOHSP) to control these risks.
  • Implements an integrated Environmental Management System to control/ reduce the environmental impact of its operations.
  • Promotes ethical behavior to its employees and other interested parties through the communication and implementation of its documented policies and procedures.