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Aegean Shipping Management S.A., established in 1995, is built on a visionary strategy based on corporate growth reliable service and customer needs. In alignment with this strategy the company has invested in three key areas:

deploying cutting-edge

enhancing its human

managing its fleet to
international standards

The Piraeus-based company operates a modern fleet of oil and chemical/ oil tanker ships, deployed internationally to transport oil and chemical products for large oil companies that are active worldwide.

Top management has undertaken a dynamic approach to ship operation to respond to the ever-changing needs and requirements of the shipping industry while confirming its commitment to the highest standards for environmental protection, both on land and at sea.
Aegean Shipping has renewed its fleet with new high-tech/ high-spec vessels with the aim to offer the best value proposition to its clients, the best performance at sea, and the best returns for the environment.

Aegean Shipping put into place an energy saving plan several years ago and at the heart of this strategy is our Management System. Aegean Shipping became the first Greek Shipping company and the second shipping company worldwide to be awarded the ISO 22301:2012 (ex BS 25999) Business Continuity certification by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). This is the fifth management system certification awarded to our company, following


ISO 22301:2012  for Business Continuity

ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management

ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management

ISO 50001:2011 for Energy Management

OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System

The integrated management system of the company incorporates all quality, safety and environmental protection requirements as well as risk control elements.

The Company incorporates social and environmental considerations in its strategic planning and regular daily operations with the objective to minimise the negative impact of its activities on society and the environment as well as to operate with respect to the human rights and their universality.

The Company integrates its social responsibility throughout its processes and organisational culture by establishing and implementing policies and procedures for its activities that may have an impact to the society, the environment and the interested parties[1].

[1] as defined in the Company’s Management Analysis & Review Procedure (Procedures Manual, P17).

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