Panousi Georgia

HQSE Manager

Mrs Georgia Panousi holds a Bsc in Shipping Business by the University of Plymouth and has an extensive knowledge and know-how in Integrated Management Systems. She started her career with ABS Consulting in 2001 as Management Systems Analyst. In 2005 she joined Aegean Shipping Management S.A. as HQSE Superintendent & later on she was promoted to Assistant HQSE Manager. She holds the position of HQSE Manager and Deputy DPA/ CSO since January 2018.

On a personal note… How do I spend my spare times??? This depends on my mood and energy levels… On some days I feel full of energy and go for running and work out while on some other I just love watching mystery and crime movies or reading black noir books. Actually I can never get enough of Sherlock Holmes! And why do I love mystery and crime fiction? Because it brings out the wannabe detective in me and fascinates me to unravel the mystery before the protagonist does!