Kastrinakis Michael

Fleet Operator

Mr. Michael Kastrinakis joined our Company in 2020 as a Fleet Operator, managing the commercial operations of our Tanker and Bulker vessels. He has experience of almost 10 years within shipping companies moving from the Finance Dept. to the Operations Dept. where he has been specialising in Maritime Commercial Operations since 2014.  Mr. Kastrinakis holds a BSc in Shipping from the University of Piraeus, a Master of Commerce specialising in Finance from the University of Sydney and currently undergoing the LLM Programme specialising in International Maritime Law at the World Maritime University.

On a personal note…  I have found that playing tennis or exercising are the activities which both help me relax, but more importantly, have fun with friends and pass my free time outside of work, so I try to include them in my daily routine as much as possible.