Business Continuity


Aegean Shipping Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) is designed to address significant disruptions that might affect its capabilities to perform the day-to-day activities related to the delivery of its services.


At this time all activities with INTOLERABLE Risk Assessment results are required
to have business continuity plan to address the exposures related to the following threats:

Loss, damage or inaccessibility of business premises

Loss or unavailability of critical information systems

Loss or unavailability of key skills and knowledge

The relevant contingency plans should protect the safety of our staff, our reputation, together with continuous & reliable delivery of service to customers whilst maintaining contractual, legal & regulatory compliance. The management systems maintained by the Company will include business and site specific business impact analysis, risk & exposure assessments, crisis management plans, disaster recovery plans, business continuity plans, and compliance monitoring systems.

The plans will incorporate the company’s critical premises, equipment, systems, processes and employees that are essential for the continuity of business during a business interruption. Every important aspect of Aegean Shipping business must be addressed in the plans with the goal to recover its critical processes with minimal interruption, as quickly as possible, depending on the nature of the business disruption.

Aegean Shipping has taken steps to ensure that plans are based on consistent assessments and evaluations of exposure. Contents of plans, though reflecting site and location specific issues should be common in both scope, structure and management approach. To facilitate this standards and guidelines have been prepared and may be found in Aegean Shipping Business Continuity Plan.

Our business continuity initiative has been implemented with the express intention of maintaining our services to customers whilst remaining compliant with relevant laws and regulations. Therefore all business continuity arrangements will be designed with these key consideration in mind; vessels, customers, regulatory bodies, agents, suppliers and all other interested parties will continue to have access, through normal channels (via telephone, fax and e-mail), to their key contacts within our organization, and the ability to do business despite the fact that Aegean Shipping may be experiencing a significant business disruption.

As a minimum, the Aegean Shipping business continuity management system is regularly reviewed and updated. A formal test schedule is carried out and reviewed by senior management. Periodic evaluations of plan management and compliance with standards and guidelines will be subject to periodic Internal and External Audits and Management Reviews.

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