The policy of Aegean Shipping is to establish effective and safe manning levels on board and recruit seafarers who are certified, qualified and medically fit in accordance with Flag State and Company requirements and who can efficiently and safely carry out their duties.

Regarding the recruitment and placement process the Company shall ensure that this process (either conducted directly by the Company or through recruitment and placement service agents) complies with the requirements and provisions of the ILO MLC 2006.

In order to achieve this, Aegean Shipping:

  • Applies strict procedures for the selection and engagement of all seafarers.
  • Requires that all seafarers employed by the Company:
    • Are able to communicate in English for the execution of their duties
    • Have an adequate understanding of relevant rules, regulations, codes and guidelines in accordance with their ranks and duties.
    • Are properly certificated in accordance with the requirements of the S.T.C.W and the Flag Administration
    • Are medically fit to perform their duties at sea seafarers in accordance with national and international requirements
    • Adhere to the minimum rest periods as defined in the S.T.C.W. Code.
    • Are not below the minimum age of 18 years old
    • Are provided with decent working and living conditions on board
    • Are provided with conditions of employment that meet the MLC 2006 requirements and have a fair employment agreement
    • Are protected from the financial consequences of sickness, injury or death occurring in connection with their employment

Particular emphasis is given in the selection of Masters and other senior Officers who must be evaluated and approved for selection prior to their engagement in order to ensure that they are properly qualified and competent to carry out their duties.

  • Forwards to all vessels all required information for the seafarers to effectively carry out their duties.
  • Ensures that all newly joining seafarers receive appropriate familiarisation to critical Health, Quality, Safety & Environmental protection aspects prior to assuming their duties on board. Particular emphasis is given to Senior Officers’ the familiarisation to the Aegean Shipping Management System.
  • Has established procedures for the identification of training needs, elements and levels of competence of staff to be achieved to perform their tasks, in support of the “Aegean Shipping Management System” and the implementation of any such training required.
  • Implements a specific Training program for seafarers employed in excess of the minimum STCW requirements. Results of training are recorded per seafarer.
  • Continuously and consistently evaluates the performance of all seafarers. Internal Audits and Performance Appraisals are carried out to ensure that training remains effective, and to identify needs for re-training.
  • Maintains updated Records of Performance for all seafarers employed.
  • Consistently and continuously evaluates Manning representatives contracted and carries out audit at their premises on an annual basis.
  • Provides career developments for junior officers and endeavor to recruit senior officers from within the company.
  • Monitors retention rates for differing ranks and nationalities.
  • Ensures that any recruitment services provided by recruitment and placement agents that are based in countries or territories in which the MLC 2006 does not apply, conform to the requirements set out in the MLC 2006.
  • Ensures that all seafarers employed by the Company are protected from the financial consequences of sickness, injury or death occurring in connection with their employment by the placement of an appropriate P&I insurance policy for all ships.

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