Aegean Shipping supports the University of Aegean and rewards distinguished students

Aegean Shipping Management S.A. supports the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport on the University of Aegean , by awarding distinguished students with scholarships.

Mrs. Irene Panagopoulou attended the Graduation Ceremony in Chios, on behalf of Aegean Shipping Management.  Mrs. Irene Panagopoulou herself  is a distinguished fellow of the Department of Shipping of the University of Aegean. During the Graduation Ceremony, Aegean Shipping awarded the University’s top students Aggeliki Kontoudi and Aekaterini Giannioti  with 3.000 Euro scholarships.

The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport was founded in 1998 in the island of Chios. In line with character of the Aegean region and the long nautical tradition of Chios. The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport has succeeded to emerge as an extrovert international Centre of Excellence in University shipping studies. As a confirmation of its success comes the global academic community. Certified by numerous grants, distinctions and prizes, and the distinctive career paths of the Department’s graduates.

Congratulations and good luck, to all the students who have now graduated from the University of Aegean!