“Green Azure” and the rescue operation!

The successful rescue operation form the Master and Crew of MT “Green Azure”!

M/T “Green Azure” received a distress signal last Thursday, November 2, 2023, from a vessel sailing off Cornwall in South West England, which was experiencing severe storms and had also sustained severe damage. The Captain of “Green Azure” wasted no time. He immediately responded to the request for rescue, deviated from its course, and headed to the point of the sailboat in distress.

The first arriving on the scene, finding the almost destroyed sailboat, was the FA50 Falcon type plane of the French Navy, which was carrying out sea patrol. An RAF Atlas A400 search plane took off to undertake the search and rescue operation, followed by a larger P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.  M/T Green Azure reached the sea area where the sailboat was located,  and started maneuvering in order to approach the sailboat safely. There were very strong winds in the area. In fact, the first time the attempt to approach the boat was not crowned with success, while at the same time the RAF aircraft informed that it was returning to its base due to the exhaustion of its fuel.

Our “Green Azure” remained focused on the mission. Finally on the second attempt,  “Green Azure” succeeded in approaching the sailing vessel and hoisting the unfortunate skipper safely on board, while the almost destroyed vessel drifted away from strong winds.

The “rescue operation” of the skipper of a sailing vessel, was conducted with absolute success by the Captain and the Crew of our newly built tanker “Green Azure”.

After rescuing the sailor, the Master of the “Green Azure” Captain Reynante G. Abarico, stated among others: “On the morning of November 2, 2023, we received a distress signal in the North Atlantic Ocean while our ship was traveling from Houston, USA to Rotterdam, Netherlands. On the same day we also received a signal from the UK Authorities to render assistance to the sailing vessel “Heidi” which is in distress approximately 30 hours away from our position. Both the shipowner and the ship’s charterers responded immediately and positively to the Master’s request for the ship to participate in a rescue operation at sea”.

Massive congratulations to our Crew onboard MT Green Azure, led by Captain Reynante Abarico, who saved a person’s life after his sailing boat was flooded!  The Crew performed a difficult rescue due to strong winds and restricted visibility but in the end, thanks to their experience and professionalism, everything went well.




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